About VeroNet

In 1997, Michael Moran started VeroNet and offered Internet access and website design & hosting services.

People came into VeroNet's Downtown Vero Beach (1919-2018) office and interested to sign up or inquired about services. They declined after they realized about Michael Moran is deaf. He tried to convince skeptical people that he can offer services and can drive to their homes and businesses to fix their computers and Internet connections. Unfortunately, they are still not convinced.

Despite being no longer in business and lack of support from the local community, He will continue to build and maintain websites and community network.


Audism is the notion that one is superior based on one's ability to hear or to behave in the manner of one who hears, or that life without hearing is futile and miserable, or an attitude based on pathological thinking which results in a negative stigma toward anyone who does not hear.


The term stands for the hostility, intolerance or fear against Deaf people, deaf culture and the Deaf Community. That includes resistance towards the sign languages used. In Latin, "surd-", derived from "absurd", means "deaf". Surdo means Deaf in Portuguese language.

“My deafness is not contagious, but your ignorance is!”
- Deaf American

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